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Quintal Logistics is a forward-thinking logistics company that is dedicated to optimizing the global delivery of goods. We achieve this by integrating technology, open logistics networks, and cost-effective models to move fast, at scale, and with precision.

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Our Solutions

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Secure courier for small & big packages

Quintal Logistics offers comprehensive freight forwarding services to facilitate the smooth movement of goods across borders. This includes handling all necessary documentation, customs clearance, and arranging transportation for efficient and timely delivery.

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Female warehouse worker Counting items in an industrial warehouse

Efficient supply chain for business.

With a deep understanding of logistics, Quintal Logistics optimizes supply chain processes for businesses, from procurement to distribution. By minimizing costs, improving efficiency, and implementing effective inventory management strategies, they enhance overall business performance.

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Concept of merchant business online and eCommerce.

Tailored e-commerce logistics

With expertise in the growing field of e-commerce, Quintal Logistics provides tailored logistics solutions for online businesses. This includes order fulfillment, inventory management, last-mile delivery, and other services to support a seamless e-commerce operation.

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Happy black female worker at distribution warehouse looking at camera.

Secure warehousing & Effective Distribution

Discover the perfect warehousing solution for your business with Quintal Logistics. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, robust security systems, and efficient inventory management processes to ensure the safe storage and handling of your goods.

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Foreman control loading containers box for logistic Import and export.

Quality Control

Quintal Logistics understands the importance of product quality. We provide thorough quality control inspections to ensure that products meet the highest standards before being shipped to customers. This includes rigorous checks for product specifications, packaging integrity, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

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We manage project logistics for construction.

Quintal Logistics caters to specific needs such as project logistics for large-scale construction or industrial installations. They handle end-to-end coordination and management of logistics for such projects, ensuring successful execution and on-time delivery.

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Their professionalism and attention to detail ensured that our cargo was delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Satisfied Client

Steve Parker

Their knowledge of customs regulations and documentation made the process smooth and hassle-free.

Satisfied Client

George Moreno

Ocean Freight

We offer comprehensive ocean freight solutions designed to meet the demands of today's global marketplace.

Air Freight

We specialize in providing fast, reliable, and secure delivery of your goods to destinations across the globe.

Land Freight

We are committed to delivering seamless land transport solutions that integrate smoothly into your supply chain.


Partner with Quintal Logistics for streamlined warehousing solutions that optimize your supply chain operations.

Secure courier for all your packages

Reliable courier service for all your package needs.

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We provide the best and fastest courier services

We offer unparalleled courier services that are both swift and reliable, ensuring your packages reach their destination in record time.

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